Exercise 1. Make collocations:

1 swimming a. facilities
2 intangible b. service
3 quality of c. court
4 eye d. pool
5 competitive e. opportunity
6 catering f. equipment
7 customer g. contact
8 personal h. nature
9 human i. business
10 sales j. touch
11 recreation k. provision
12 tennis l. demand

Exercise 2. Fill in prepositions:

  1. A hotel offers its facilities and services … sale.
  2. Facilities can be differentiated … type, size and other way.
  3. Service can be divided … two main parts: material and personal.
  4. Material service should be … to standard to compete successfully … the market.
  5. Service is much more complex than just smiling or getting food … the table … time.
  6. Successful service is not III. LANGUAGE a one-time event, you have to work … it.
  7. Bad service leaves a bad taste … your mouth.
  8. Service is the most important tool the company can use to differentiate it … the competitors.
  9. It is human nature to …-lean and …-forget.
  10. The most important thing in hospitality is to create a bond of trust and credibility … the guests.

Exercise 3. Match the words and word combinations with their definitions:

1 service a. an amount of smth. That can be used or the process of providing this
2 facilities b. someone who pays to stay in a hotel
3 supply c. help or work III. LANGUAGE that a business provides for customers, rather than goods produced by a business
4 rapport d. how good or bad smth. is
5 demand e. rooms, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose
6 customize f. anyone who buys goods or uses services
7 client g. friendly understanding and agreement between people
8 consumer h. someone who pays for a service
9 guest i. to change smth. so make it more suitable for a particular person or purpose
10 quality j. the need or desire that people have for goods and services

Exercise 4. The following guests have different wishes. In which section of the room III. LANGUAGE information sheet should they look? Write the number of each guest next to the correct section. (See example):

1. Mrs. Watson would like to have her blouse cleaned.

2. Mr. Carington wants to know about buses to the airport.

3. The McNeills would like breakfast in their room.

4. Christine Moore is feeling unwell.

5. Bob Dixon needs clean shoes for the morning.

6. Mrs Peterson has to be sure she gets up early tomorrow morning.

7. Fiona Frelimo wants to call her friend in Barcelona.

8. Tom Moshi would like a soft drink in his room.

9. Tim Morrison would like tea in his room III. LANGUAGE before going for breakfast.

10. Mary Redman wants to know where to leave her car.

11. Eric and Jack wonder what they can do this evening.

12. David Blande wants to know the prices for different rooms.


Room service ...... Tariffs .....

Telephone ...... Entertainment .....

Mini-bar ...... Shoe-cleaning service .....

Transport ...... Wake-up calls .....

Laundry ..1. Garaging .....

Medical help ...... Early morning teas .....

Exercise 5. Fill in the missing words in the sentences below. Choose from the following. Use each word once only, although there are more words than you need:

Attractions, destination, festivals nature, conveniences, displayed, galleries resort, countryside, escorted, guides ruins, courtesy, events, itinerary, scenery, cruise, excursions III. LANGUAGE, locality, souvenirs, daily, ferries, museums.

Visitors arriving at the hotel will be interested to know what is on offer. Many hotels will arrange (1)… tours by coach, or on foot to visit local (2)… These may include historic (3)… art (4)… or (5)… where objects from the past can be seen.

Many people prefer to spend time out of doors and like to travel into the (6)… where they can enjoy and photograph the (7)… The hotel can arrange half-day or full-day (8)… and a detailed (9)… will inform the guests of the exact route, which will be taken. Guests are normally given some time to visit shops III. LANGUAGE where they often buy (10)… to remind them of their holiday when they return home. Alternatively, they may enjoy a (11)… on a boat on a river or canal.

During the year there are many (12)… taking place in the local area. Information about the time and place of these should be (13)… in the hotel so that guests are aware of what is going on. The hotel can expect to be very busy when national or local (14)… are taking place. Some of these are famous all over the world and attract many tourists.

Exercise 6. Fill in the missing words III. LANGUAGE in the texts below. Choose from the following: